The Jerry Springer Show
Season , Episode
Hookers and Hook Ups
Air date May 4, 2011
Episode Guide

Hookers and Hook Ups is an episode of The Jerry Springer Show. It was aired on October 11, 2011.


First GuestsEdit

Victoria is a female prostitute. She began an online relationship with a client (Richie), who she eventually fell in love with. The relationship also has proceeded to offline, where she was eventually giving this client oral sex a few times per week. She brought this client on the show to reveal that she wants to have a real relationship and also that she was born as a male. Richie accepts the date from Victoria, and Richie reveals to her that he was already aware that she was born a male.

Second GuestsEdit

Dawnie is a prostitute who wants to tell her pimp to get rid of his other hoe. Dawnie describes herself as the "bottom bitch" of the group, which means she is the highest-ranking prostitute.






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